Saturday, April 30, 2005

The taboo photos finally revealed

The Pentagon has finally released more than 700 photographs of America's dead soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan after pressure of a yearlong Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. In most photographs the faces of the troops accompanying the fallen and carrying the flag-draped coffins are blacked out. As you may recall, a military contractor lost her job last April for photographing the coffins.

Why, you may ask, are these photos so taboo? The Pentagon says it is enforcing the 1991 policy meant to respect the privacy of the dead and their families. Give me a break! They were kept from the American public so that we remain comfortably numb and not to care too deeply about this war one way or the other. If we were constantly bombarded by the images of the flag draped coffins of more than 1,500 young men and women would we be so blasé about this admittedly unjustified and unnecessary war?

You can see some of the released photos here.


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