Saturday, May 07, 2005

Against All Odds, Time Traveler Convention Nerdier Than Star Trek Convention

As we are big fans of all things nerdy here @ Just To The Left, this article naturally caught our attention. An MIT student has organized a Time Travler's convention to be held this evening on the grounds of MIT (longitude & latitude: 42:21:36.025 degrees north, 71:05:16.332 degrees west). The logic works as such: if this information is preserved far enough into the future where people are capable of time travel, they'll be able to travel back to those exact coordinates at the precise time to say hello. Of course, they're expected to bring proof of their Futurama origins in the form of a cold fusion reactor or maybe a cure for AIDS.

Here we are doing our part! So someone, please print this out on acid free paper and slip it into a time capsule or jam it in between the pages of some texts at your local library. There is some interesting reading to be had at the organizer's site here.


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