Monday, June 06, 2005

FBI Gets Warm and Fuzzy

Here's a short story on the ongoing relationship management taking place between law enforcement and Muslims in the New York area. The FBI seems to be listening by holding meetings and vent sessions where Muslims get to voice their frustrations about the super-discriminatory vibe they've been getting since 9/11. However, the one quote below sure makes them sound unapologetic for tactics that often disregard basic civil rights.
Since Mr. [Special Agent Charles E.] Frahm took over New York's counterterrorism division in July 2004, he has impressed some skeptical Muslim leaders with his eagerness to make public appearances. "I think it helps the community to air their feelings," he said during a break on Thursday night. "This provides folks a forum for pent-up frustration. The emotion is real."
[To an audience of Mulsims] "I hear you, and I will continue to hear you," he said. "I can also say we make no apologies for actions we must take to protect Americans."


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