Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws as Nominee

Another example of how Dubya knows how to choose 'em.
She was reprimanded by Senators for giving "incomplete to insulting" answers to written questions.

The withdrawal of Ms Miers is seen as a significant blow to Mr Bush.

Her decision comes amid tense times for the White House, which is currently waiting for news on possible indictments of senior administration figures in connection with a CIA leak case.

Mr Bush's approval ratings have meanwhile been plummeting, and his apparent inability to push his choice through is thought likely to raise fresh concerns as to what he can achieve in his second term.
Ms Miers' nomination had drawn criticism from both sides of the political divide.

Conservative Republicans were sceptical of Ms Miers' suitability for the court on ideological grounds.

Several questioned her attitudes on the touchstone issue of abortion, while others doubted her understanding of constitutional law.

Democrat opponents accused the president of cronyism, pointing to personal memos sent during Mr Bush's days as governor of Texas as evidence that her friendship with the president was her chief qualification for the job.
My question is, was Roberts so much more direct in his answers to deserve his nomination? I only read or saw parts of his testimony but he was so often vague and dodgy that it was disturbing.


>>>>>> Blogger Brooklyn Blowhard said...

When her name was first announced, Harry Reid praised her and according to reports, he suggested that the president nominate her in private meetings.
The nominating process has become a joke, and I think it's time that both parties cut the petty attacks.

10/28/2005 4:29 AM  

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