Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Teacher Fired for Exposing Children to Art

It amazes me that this sort of thing still happens in our country, but then again, a good chunck of Americans don’t believe in evil-ution. Idiots.
Sydney McGee, who taught elementary school in this sprawling Dallas suburb, has drawn national sympathy and disbelief since claiming she was let go last month because a parent complained that their child saw a nude piece during a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

Eighty-nine of McGee's fifth-graders toured the museum during the April trip, which McGee concedes likely included nudes but was arranged as a chance to see Picassos and Piet Mondrians.

"It's not a place of pornography, it's art," said McGee, 51, who has taught for 28 years and lists Oxford University among her graduate studies.

Her dismissal has stirred up familiar stereotypes of Texas conservatism run amok and the intemperate prudishness of suburban life.

The Frisco school board suspended McGee, with pay, on September 22 for the remainder of the school year and the superintendent has said he will recommend that her contract not be renewed. District officials have vigilantly maintained that the decision stemmed from separate personnel issues and not one child's exposure to a nude artwork, which has never been identified…

"We have a lot of sporting things in Frisco, with the soccer and the baseball," McGee said. "But not a lot of those kids go to the museum."


>>>>>> Blogger Coleen Thompson said...

I know, What a shame.. And we wonder why kids are not as bright as they used to be. We are sheltering them from so much these days.



10/11/2006 11:51 AM  
>>>>>> Blogger Charlie Pottins said...

Joke is that the society which protects children from seeing nudes as art is not so good at shielding them from exploitation, assaults and worse as porn
It's like those other religious crusaders concerned for the "unborn child", but less effective campaigning for those children with the misfortune to be born, on the streets and "culled" by police death squads in Latin American cities.

11/15/2006 2:42 PM  

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